Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting It, Together

    Nancy & I would like to welcome you to "Sow What?", a new growth opportunity at Cornerstone Church.  We are honored to serve with you.

    We were asked by Pastor Franco & Pastor Jason if we would facilitate a sermon-based small group.  It's purpose would be to embrace the treasures God is giving us each week in the message, and to earnestly apply them.   Our answer was an an enthusiastic "Yes!", because we believe this is how the book of Acts directs us to live.  Please let me explain.

    The model for church in America  today is decidedly "Pauline".  That is, the man of God hears from the Lord, preaches faithfully on Sunday, and then the typical believer simply 'checks out' until the following week.  In the end, those receiving are not in complete unity with the vision being ministered, because merely nodding our ascent without submitting and committing to the truth is powerless <James 2:18-26>.  Absent a change, the resurrection power that enables the Church to build the Kingdom- specifically walking unified in the Spirit  - operates only in fits and starts.

    Before each mighty move of God in the Book of Acts we find the faithful "in one accord" <Acts 1:14,2:1,2:46, 4:24,..>.  They are  unified (unto death, in the Greek meaning) behind  the leading of the Holy Spirit.

They were a Church:

a) more eager to steadfastly join God in what He was already doing than trying to make their own mark in the Kingdom

b) who took what the Holy Spirit said through their leadership (held to the standard of Scripture) as prescriptive guidance from God for application to their lives.

c) who were committed to the Lord, His Word, and to one another, to the end.

    The Bottom Line?      Those attending "Sow What?" will seek to have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, to walk that out by the Resurection Power of the Holy Spirit, and to live truly in one accord in Christ.

  Why "Sow What?"    We just want to be a body of folks that really gets it.  An annointed pastoral staff needs a church that will stand unified behind what God is doing, saying, and directing.  The church/believers walking this way are available and obedient to Jesus, and so as promised in John 14:15,21, He will manifest Himself to them. Amen