Saturday, November 19, 2011


    When you first begin, desperate and in earnest, to cross the desert of Holiness, there are a number of surprises in store.

    The first thing you might notice is how absolutely barren the place is.  I mean, if the Christian media are to be believed, you would expect to find caravans of folks just like you to travel with, and well-worn paths to follow. In practice, fellow travelers are rare, milestones few, and the withering heat incessant. The gritty wind and the sand it blows about are your constant companions.  Staying the course needs faith, and understanding of what faith looks like in practice.

    Sundays message, Mind Prepared in Faith , delivers on preparing yourself for that trek.

    So What?/ Sow What?

    You'll recall that F.A.I.T.H. was  made into the following acronym...our B.L.U.F. for each falls immediately beneath each one.

    F - focus on the Word (Jesus Christ & Scripture)
         B.L.U.F. - we need to be zealous, venerating Christ and Scripture 

    A - arrows are still coming
         B.L.U.F. - Never lower the shield of faith

    I - immediate resolution is not the norm
        B.L.U.F. - Focus on His face & His heart, not on His benefits

   T - total surrender is needed
        B.L.U.F. - spiritual disciplines are what it takes; SPS (Spiritual Positioning System), not GPS (Global <worldly> Positioning System).

   H - Holiness is the goal
          B.L.U.F. -  A.B.S., Always Be Sowing  

    In the final analysis, the desert of holiness is as it should be.  The wind is the Holy Spirit, guiding us gently or forcefully as He sees best.  The desert itself consists of the dust from which we are made, a donation from the flesh shed by those making the journey, joyfully, before you.  The searing heat, that refining fire, will not stop until you are in the likeness of Christ ( Philippians 1:6 ).  However long, lonely, or arduous the trip, I pray we all elect to take it.

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Quick Administrative Note

           This past Wednesday was officially the end of the Fall Term for Cornerstone Small Groups, with the first meeting of the Winter Term on January 4th, 2012.  Officially..

             ...but Sow What is a little different, being sermon-driven.    It is in our hearts, if you good folks would like to continue meeting, to work something out (either in Church or elsewhere) in the same time slot.  You just have to let us know.  Thanks.

P.S. - From 03 - 23 December 2011 Dan will be in Tampa in an inpatient chronic pain program; we covet your prayers.  This will not hinder Sow What? from meeting.


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