Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Road to War

    It is a strange thing to try to capture the move of the Holy Spirit in words.  Here at Cornerstone, His intention has loomed large and noticeable since June 19, 2011...

    ..throughout the summer of 2011, we were called to become people submitted to the spiritual disciplines.  In   short, to put Him first, and draw near to Him that he might draw near to us, consistently, that we might have an authentic humility, brokenness, and intimacy with Him...(see blog entries from June 19th through August 24th 2011)...

    ..thereafter - until this past weekend - we have been led to a year of learning to hear & obey His voice...

    In the old testament, it was the God-directed practice of the Hebrew men (during that transition known as the Exodus) to meet annually apart from the women and children in order to receive correction and guidance from God.  The Lord was to serve as their rear guard, watching over their families and easing their minds of concerns/burdens as the focused intently on the move and message of the Lord of the Universe. 

    ..this weekend, in a split operation between our Men's Advance- The Time is NOW (103 strong - awesome of itself in modern America), and the message delivered through Pastor Rowena to those in our "Rear Detachment" entitled Why I Love Jesus  , the Lord has begun to task organize us (put names to missions) for the plans He has for us corporately and individually.  Plainly put, God is on the move in all His aspects, and has provided the patient teaching we require to carry out His orders by His power.  From the training we've received since June, it doesn't look like we are going to be receiving a "pretty" mission.

    We are transitioning, ready or not. Keep your head and hands inside the will of God at all times, and enjoy the ride.

    Between operations in the military, we do several things.  First thing we do is submit a L.A.C.E. report, standing for Liquids (our water and fuel status), Ammunition, Casualties, and Equipment status (vehicles, weapons, etc.).  We let headquarters know what (and sometimes, whom) we need and we drive on.  As the OPTEMPO (operational intensity) allows, we train between engagements with the enemy.  We do this understanding that warfare itself is excellent training.  Right now, for instance, America's armed forces are extraordinarily sharp (and exhausted, paradoxically), and ready.  Warriors fight on as they are being trained, and often before the benefit from resupply from higher echelons.  So it will be for us.

    Standing at this threshold, the Holy Spirit has led us to meet separately in separate locations.  We at "Sow What?" this week labored to not only understand the bottom line for each group, but also what direction was needed for our church as a single, unified fighting unit in this ongoing battle for the Kingdom.    

B.L.U.F. - Men's Advance

1. Die to self and our own designs for our being and circumstances; walk by faith and by the Holy Spirit.  Talk is cheap; Grace is never cheap.

2. Commit, lead and follow as Holy Spirit directed, war (with our mighty spiritual, God-given weapons) & worship to win; NOW.

B.L.U.F. - Rear Detachment

1. LOVE: the Godly verb - not the human sentiment, must prevail if we are to have victory in this season

2. FAITHFULNESS, in our prayer life and our magnification of God is a requirement.  Spiritual and other support must be consistent and robust.  

3. HOPE, without being miracle-minded and expectant that God will be who He is, we will fail.  The minute we consider that something is impossible, we are no longer even talking about our Lord anymore, much less to Him. We fall out of connection with Him, and so from the Holy Spirit power we need to do all that we do.  

B.L.U.F. - Church at Cornerstone

1. Walk by the Spirit to preserve purity and power

2. Obedience born of LOVE (John 14:15-21)

3. Commit, lead and follow as Holy Spirit directed, war (with our mighty spiritual, God-given weapons) & worship to win; NOW.

       Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my                 hands for war, and my fingers for battle  

Psalms 144:1


><> Dan & Nancy

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